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how im getting on with my Bucket list

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hi everyone! I Hope you are well and having a great week or weekend whenever you are reading this. Today blog post is going to be about my bucket list and how i am getting on with it. I have done so much of it already and just want to share with you what I have checked off, and also show pictures. I hope you enjoy. 

Here is the first one I posted and the ones with the stars I have done. Yay for me. 


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Go Camping And Look Up At The Stars  

Now I don't have a picture of looking up at the stars but I have a picture of the camping place

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Go To Madam Two Swords, Afternoon Teat and London Eye

Go On A Safari 

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That is the first list I have already done the zorbing in another post a video and if you would like to see that check here -

 Meet A Penguin


Go See Stonehenge

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Ride In A Limo

Travel Park 

I did a travel part to this but I don't want to make this post to long so I have been to florida and I have do a post about this, I have a Italy trip coming up very soon we have a trip to wales over Christmas. Next year we are travelling to Greece, Scotland and Tenerife. 

hope you all enjoy <3