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I Went To Sicily

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hello My Lovely's! I hope you are all having a great week of weekend! Today's post is very exciting and I hope you all enjoy! I have just come back from a wonderful trip to Sicily. I have had a lovely week and the weather was lovely. I am gong to be doing two blogs on this trip. Today's post is just going to be a couple of picture's I look when I was out there and then the next blog is going to be about what I did when I was out there. I hope you all enjoy. 

Here I am wearing a Primark sundress £5 and My Boux Avenue Bikini £50 

Here I am wearing a dress that was gifted to me by and my shoes are from New Look £8 

Here I am wearing my Boss Sunnies and I love these! Specsavers £149 

Again just another pictures of me wearing me bikini and sundress. 

Cheeky Kiss from the husband! On a VOLCANO! 

No idea what I am looking at but I am wearing a Primark top £2 and my trousers wear gifted to me. 

This was amazing to see! 

This dress is from New Look £10 

I also put pictures on my Instagram so don't forgot to follow! and tell me if you have come from my blog 

I hope you all enjoyed 



A post shared by Jadiee (@jadiee_gosh) on

A post shared by Jadiee (@jadiee_gosh) on

Times 2 Escape

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend. Today's post is going to be about a game called Time 2 Escape. So I my husband and couple of friends got invited to play at the Time 2 Escape a couple of days ago. We all had such a wonderful time I just had to do a blog post about this. I know some of my readers are from the USA so I’m not sure if you guys have this sort of thing over there. In the UK they have started be-coming very popular and not just for Halloween. I hope you enjoy this post now I can't tell you too much about the room we did as I don't want to give too much away for people who want to play but I have a few pictures. 

What Is Times 2 Escape?

So for people who have no idea what Time 2 Escape is or Escape Rooms I'm just going to give you a little idea. Times 2 Escape or any Escape room is literately what is says in the name, you have to Escape from a room. So the one I did we all had an hour to find clues and puzzles to Escape from a room that you are locked in. Now these clues and puzzles are very hard to find and you need to think a lot! Like mega brain power. Also team work is key to these game as you all need to work together to be able to escape. The game that we played was so much fun and the clues where so well planned out. We escaped with only 15 seconds to spear so very very close to not Escaping. I shall put some pictures below of us all playing this game. I don't want to say to much as I don't want to give any clues away.

So as you can see from this picture the room that we are in so well decorated! You really feel like you have stepped back in time and everything has been thought of. 

Thinking very hard in this pictures trying to sort a clue out to then find another clue. 

I myself had so much fun playing this game and I 100% want to do it again and will. I shall think Time 2 Escape Facebook page and website if anyone would like to play I 100% recommend.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I shall see you all again soon!