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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hey lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend. Now today’s post is very exciting and I just know that you are going to find this as interest as I have. I was recently contacted to ask to read a post that all reviews have written about Lip balm. I read this post they have and I shall also link this for you guys to read. It is so interest and I have learnt so much about lip balm. The post they have shared for us all to read is what they call a ^30 second review^ it is a very quick easy to read post all about lip balms and what balms I think you should be using.  They tested loads of lip balms to see which felt the best and was the best for your lips. On the page they have the best overall and also the best 3 and also where you can buy them. I think this post is amazing and definitely something that’s interesting to read.

I never really knew what was in my lip balms and never gave it to much thought onto what I was putting on my lips, but lip balm is there to help your lips. It’s to keep them moisturized and feeling good and some of these lip balms are made with perfumes and not very good chemicals so this post is a must to read for me.

Know I don’t want to give too much away so I will just link their post below and you guys can check it out it’s a very quick read and very interest.

Thank you so much



Passing My Driving Test at 24!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend!. Now today's post is one i NEVER! thought I would ever we doing and the reasons for this I shall explain later, But on Tuesday the 14th of Nov I PASSED my driving test at 24. I am over the moon and still very much in shock. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted and I feel myself again. Today's post I just want to explain a few things about when I was younger and did my driving to now and how I feel I wasn't ready at 17 but I am now. I hope you all enjoy and if you have a test coming up or doing your driving good luck! and I hope this is helpful!.

So I am going to just explain about why I failed 4 and didn't turn up to my 5th one when I was 17. So when I was 17 I never wanted to drive I HATED it and the thought of driving scared me but on the other hand so many of my friends where passing or doing there test and I felt a massive pressure to do my test and pass. I felt like if I didn't pass my test I had some how failed in life, and just to clear things up it does not matter if you don't want to drive! do not do what I did a make yourself do something you don't want to do just because people are pressuring you to do it. If YOU are not wanted to do it because you 100% don't like driving then don't! now I don't mind not doing it if you are just scared of doing your test, if this is the case then do it the test is fine and don't worry yourself about it. But if you where like me at 17 and had no interest in driving and was like me and I used to dread every lesson and have panic attacks after panic attacks because I did not want to do it then just don't do that to yourself. So me being me and wanted to not 'fail at life' I just carried on doing my lessons and failed 4 test because I was not confident what do ever, and I think the person testing me could see this and this is why I think I failed. Now moving onto the test I never turned up to, I actually ending up having a panic attack and couldn't take my test and it was at this point I just told myself to stop, It was making me feel ill and very stressed and I never wanted to drive even if I did pass. So that brings me to the ending of my driving at 17 and 18. So so many people told me I would regret it and you know what they was WRONG! I wasn't ready to do driving and I knew I wasn't and thinking back I can see I wasn't. 

So this brings us to now at 24. what happen? why did i just do my driving? how did this happy?

Well I do not know! I just work up one day turned to my husband and said I think i'm ready to start driving. We are moving house a little bit father away from where I work and It would be better if I drove. I just felt ready to drive. Now just because I felt ready didn't mean that all my panic would stop, Oh no! I remember my first ever lesson and I felt sick but I did told myself I need to this. I carried on doing my lessons every Tuesday and somethings Friday and i felt a bit better driving I felt more confident and more in control. Then I booked my test and I started to become more and more nervous. I would come back from a driving lesson and cry on the phone to my husband because I though I was rubbish and couldn't do it. I would stay awake at night planning what I though was going to happen on test day and even the night before was crying and so so worried. But I told myself I am ready this time and I kinda would like to drive. I mean yeah If I failed if wouldn't be the end of the world, but I was still so worried about this. 

Well it came to test day and drove around how I normal would any other lesson and I was so shocked when I pulled up and he passed me. I nearly cried!. 

I couldn't believe that I had done it. There was so many days when I thought I should just give up and not do it. I even thought about just staying in bed on test day and not doing it. But I didn't! I thought to myself I am ready and I can do this and It worked! 

Even if I had failed and I told myself this would be the test time I don't think it would have been! 

For advise on staying calm for a test day coming up I honestly don't have much as I tired everything and nothing really worked. After every lesson I would pretty much cry on the phone to my husband but after he spoke to me and calmed me down I felt a bit better. 

I also tired Calms but for me personally they didn't work. I also tired having nice baths with candles and spa music on but this didn't help much either. 

I hope this little post helped some people! and I just wanted to get the message out there but if you don't feel like you are ready then don't do it! you are not a fail in life and it doesn't matter if you don't drive, I mean I have passed my test and I still get the train to work! so... but if you are ready and you do want to drive keep on going! JUST DO IT AND KEEP DOING IT! 

you will get there. I mean it took me 7 years !! 

love you all and thanks for reading