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Friday, 22 December 2017

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend! Now today’s is going to be another post I have never done before – I feel like I have been doing this a lot lately! I hope you guys are enjoy the different content. I am going to be doing a little post about what’s happened to me this year and what I am hoping to happen next year. Now I hope this post don’t come across as me bragging or trying to show off, I’m really not I am just a really positive person and always try to see the good and I am so greatfull I am able to do what I do. Now I got that out of the way I and going to be talking about the amazing things that have happened to me this year.
So the first things is mine and my husband’s wedding. We got married in May and It honestly was the best day of my life. We had such an amazing day and I am so lucky that we was able to save the year before to have a very good wedding and a great honeymoon.

This leads me to the next great thing that’s happened this year. Our honeymoon we was so lucky that we were able to go to Florida and we had such a wonderful time we got to swim with dolphins go the many of the theme parks relax, see many of the sights and of course go to Disneyworld. I am so grateful that I have been to Florida and had such a magic time there.

Now I was very lucky enough to also visit Sicily In October and see the volcano and many of the beautiful sites that Sicily has to offer.

Also not to mention that before me and my husband got married we had many crazy adventure weekends. Now we knew that leading up to the wedding we wouldn’t have much money to go out so for that Christmas we got each other loads of buyagift vouchers for different activities. This included going on a helicopter! A HELICOPTER guys! Omg I still can’t believe I have been on a helicopter it was such an amazing thing to do.

We also went to ZipWorld and did the caverns climb, this was very scary, heart racing and so much fun. I enjoyed myself so much and would 100% do this again.

We were also lucky enough to go zorbing however I wouldn’t ever do this again. I did have fun and I am glad I did this and can say I have done this but I nearly passed out.

For my husband’s birthday we stayed in London and did many of the London site seeing things. This included going up the London Eye, The sea life and Madam two swords. We also had afternoon tea and we have never done this before but it was lovely and very cheap and then we stayed in London and this we have never done before.

How can I not bring this up I also learned and Passed my driving test this year! Yay Go Me! Very scary things that I wasn’t planning on doing this year but I did it.

Also this year we stayed in a little cabin woodhouse or a small shed as my husband called it. This was super cheap to stay in and omg we had the best time! I got to look up at the stars at night time and we cooked a little BBQ and then the next day we was lucky enough to go to Alton Towers as this was round the corner. We had such a blast at Alton Tower as I am not one to shy away from rides! Well most of them I won’t.

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We also did an I-fly lesson, and if you don’t know what I-fly is it’s basically a massive wind tunnel that makes you fly. It is amazing! I was really bad at it but that doesn’t matter because I had so much fun being really bad.

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  I also forgot to mention my Hen Do. This was an awesome day. It was only myself my auntie and step mum we all had a spa day and a message and this was such a relaxing day.

Me and my husband also got a English Herritage card and visited loads of castles and sites around the UK.
We also went to Wales this year as some of you may know my mum, step dad brother and sister live there. I love going to Wales as every time we visit we do something different. This trip was amazing because I got to go be hide a waterfall and this really was breath taken. It did take us about 2 hours to get to the water and we had to go down about 100 steps and then drag our self to the waterfall, it was very wet and very cold but so worth it.

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Now for the massive news for this year and also next year! We are in the process of buying our first house! We have been saving this whole year to be able to save for the deposit but have finally made it and are in the process now of buying a house that we have falling in love with. Now so far it’s taken a couple of months and I am pretty sure we won’t be moving till next year but it’s all so exciting and we cannot wait to get the keys.

Now that’s what’s happened this year and I am so lucky and very gratefully and I’m not saying that it’s all we great of course I have had days where it’s not been great everyone does.

Now before this post is way too long and no one wants to read I am going to tell you what I hope 2018 will bring me.

So for 2018 I hope that we have moved out into our new year by at least May! I mean please I hope I have heard so many stories where people have been waiting ages for their mortgages and I hope this is not us. I also hope that I can get the car I want that is a Mini cooper and of course this is not a brand new one! This is a used mini cooper. I am also looking forward to my first ever holiday (since being little) with my husband dad and step mum to Centre Parcs. I am also looking forward to mine and my husband’s anniversary holiday to Greece and then a lovely family holiday later on that year to Tenerife. There also maybe another little surprise next year <3 

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and I really hope it’s not been too long!.

Thanks for reading

Love you all



Pure Leaf

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend! Now today’s post is one I have never done before and is very different. It’s going to be about tea and a recent tea brand I have falling in love with. Well I wouldn’t say falling in love because how can you full in love with tea, but if you could then I have. Now I am always looking online for free samples to try and I shall link at the end of this blog where I go to get these samples. I love getting free samples because it gives you an item if you are going to like a brands produce without paying for it, you can also discover knew things that you end up loving. Now back onto the tea, I can lucky enough to be send Pure Leaf tea bags and I shall also link below if this offer is still on as I think everyone should try.
 When the tea came I was so excited to try. It came with 3 items one was a invite to buy the produce and gave you a list of where to buy. You also got a little leaflet with information about the tea and the company. Then you got the tea bag and oh my the packaging is AMAZING. I never thought I would ever say this about a tea bag and the packaging but oh my they go all out, even the tea bag itself was packaged lovely. As you can see from the pictures I will link here it just looks like a posh tea bag! Very lovely.
Now you can’t just have a fancy tea bag without a great tasting tea as well, and can I just say this tea was 100% amazing. This was a great tasting tea. The one I was sent was black tea with vanilla and I don’t know what they did to this tea bag but my month had a little party!
 Now I know I know it’s just tea but this really was amazing! I wasn’t even going to do a blog post about it but when I made myself the tea and tried it I thought to myself I need to do a blog as I need to let people know about this. Even if you grab a free sample.
  Now I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a great day!
  Jadiee Xxx  Disclaimer – I was not asked to do this post by pure leaf nor was I given the tea bag to do this post, all opinions are my own.