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Update To My Bedroom | New Carpets

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all great!! Today's Post is going to be very short and sweet! It's going to be an update on my master bedroom! I have new carpets!! I also have set up a new Instagram and will link myself down below. This Instagram is going to be all things cleaning! I shall be upload a video every other day of new cleaning tips, clean up and my house as I do it all up. I would love you guys to give me a follow and let me know if you are from my blog.

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I really hope you enjoyed this post guts! 



My Master Bedroom And Bathroom Clean Up

Monday, 10 September 2018

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all great and having a great weekend or week. Today's post is going to be showing you how my master bedroom and bathroom is coming along. The bedroom has got to have new carpet put in and that is it done and the bathroom is all finished! I hope you enjoy this post and I hope you like how the rooms look. 

Mirror - Wilko -

Brush Holder - TKMax 

Towels IKEA -

I really Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! and I really hope you like my bathroom and bedroom! 

Have a lovely day 



Where Am I Traveling To... Rest Of The Year

Monday, 3 September 2018

Hello My lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend! Today's Post I thought I might share with you the trips me and my husband have planned for the rest of the year. In total we have 4 trips so far and we are so incredible lucky to be about to be going on 1 let along 4 trips. I hope you enjoy this post and I if you have been anywhere I am going to be travelling to let me know what we can do out there. If you guys always have some video or blog post ideas that you want to see while i am out there please let me know. 

 1st Trip -  Tenerife 

So the first trip we are going to the loveley Tenerife Island with my husbands family. I am super excited as never been here before. There is a couple of things I want to do such as the amazing water park (name) that I have heard so much about, also there is some beautiful caves I have posted online that I want to visit and I may even go to the volcano. Please let me know if I am missing anything.  

2nd Trip - Lanzarote

 Now after we come back from the amazing Tenerife about a couple weeks later we are back over that way again to visit the lovely lanzarote islannd. So far we don't have anything planned for this trip!! I shall be looking up videos and places to visit very soon, but again if you guys have been let me know whats the best things to do. 

 3rd Trip - Amsterdam

Now my next trip is in December! and we are off to Amsterdam! I could not be happier! we are only there for 2 days but are going to try and see as much as we can. 

4th Trip- Iceland! 

Leaving 2018 with a bang! we are off to Iceland for Christmas! we have so much planned for Iceland! we have booked the blue lagoon and we are renting a 4X4 to travel around and see all the beautiful waterfalls. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! and are as excited as I am to see what photos and memories I come back with! please let me know if you have been to any of these places! 

Let me know what kind of content you want to see with the trips I have planned.