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Unbeatable Places To Visit In Tenerife

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

unsplash-logoJulian Friedle

Hello My lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great week of weekend!! Today's Post is going to be about my top places to visit when in Tenerife.  I visited Tenerife in Sep last year and It was just beautiful. There are so many places to visit around the little island and the views are breath taking. I am going to be telling you my top places that I think you should visit if you are planning on going to Tenerife. 

My first pick is Siam Park and I think this is a place that everyone tells you to go when visiting Tenerife.  I had an amazing day at Siam Park BUT! just to be a dower I would not say it was the BEST park I have been to like most people say, I have been to better. That being said I still had an amazing day. The ticket price was around 90 Euros and this did included a bus from our hotel to the park. I did think that the price of the park was a little bit much but I still wanted to check out the park so we paid it.

The food and drink at the park wasn't to badly priced. It was around the same as most parks you go to. The food was good and even for myself who is veggie the food was tasty. 

I would give this park a 4 our of 5

Next place on my list is a boat trip to see whales and dolphins. We booked this trips with on of the many shops around Tenerife. It was really good price for what got included. We paid around £20 each and this included lunch on broad the boat. The trip lasted most of the day but it was so worth it. We left very early in for morning and got a taxi over to the docks this only cost 8 euros for us both to get there and then the same back.  You could walk there but it would take over a hour. The trips started off by going into the sea and then it stop to let you take photos and look at the whales and dolphins. We was so lucky to see both and I have a video on my Instagram of the whales swimming next to the boat. It was amazing. After this we then got the boat over to a little spot of water where you could get out and go swimming. I did not do this because as some of you may now I hate swimming in water that I can't touch with my feet. I know I'm weird I just can't do it. The food on boat was tasty as well even if it was just rice and a roll. If you are not a veggie they did have chicken with rice.

Anyways I would say this is a 5 star

So the next place on my list is to visit Teide. Mount Teide is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Its 3,718-metre summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. This place is stunning and I could not stop looking around when I was here. This was part of a day trip that we took when we was in Tenerife. 

This place is a must if going to Tenerife. 

The beaches in Tenerife are beautiful. I will list below some of the beaches we went to near our hotel. the beaches in Tenerie 'the ones we went to' were black sand beaches and they just look stunning. i got a few good photos from the beaches, one day we walked over a hour to some little rock pool that i think was beautiful I will link all the places below. 

  • Punta Blanca
  • Playa de Alcala
  • Cueva la Vaca
  • Beach Sand
  • Charco del Tanc√≥n

The oldest tree, this was a bonus to see when we was in Tenerife but I am so glade i saw it. its very beautiful and a must see if you are going to be in Tenerife. There also are a few little shops near this tree and a beautiful little town. 

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any good places to add comment below 



Noteworthy Places To Visit In Wales

Tuesday, 19 March 2019




A Little Trip To Bath | Part One | Fashion

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hello My Lovies! I hope you are all having a great week of weekend! Now today I went to the beautiful bath in the UK! I had visited Bath when I was a little girl but I don't remember much. I had an amazing day and I would 100% recommend going to just visit. 

So I went to Bath just to take some pretty photos! its beautiful there! and there are so many places you can take photos. We was walking along the road and found this beautiful stop. I am wearing a dress from Cancer Research UK and my shoes are from ASOS. 

I also found this little step when walking around. My husband took so many photos here, but I do like this one. The bag I am wearing is also from Cancer Research. 

Here is a little things of things to do when in bath other than taking photos. 

Pulteney Bridge

Bath Abbey

Thermae Bath Spa


The Jane Austen Centre

Prior Park Landscape Garden

So this bag I got from a cancer research Uk for only £3. I love it! and I think it fits this outfit perfectly.