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How Much Dose It Cost To Visit Morocco ? Travel Guide

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Hello My Lovies! I hope you are well and having a great week or weekend. This post is going to be what we paid for our recently trip to Morocco! Our budget was £500 each and i am going to tell you now ! It was cheaper than this!! We got a really good deal! I hope this post helped. 

Now this trip wasn't a budget trip as we didn't feel comfortable booking a hotel with Trivago and flights separate and finding our on way around etc. I mean you can do this and it will work out cheaper but we didn't mind paying a little extra and keeping everything together. 

Now at first we looked at TUI and it was £1.000 for me and my husband and we almost booked it! But I then said to him I will just look on Easyjet! And bam! Same hotel for only £718! Now this included flights hotel and a private car taxi to the hotel and also the hotel was all inclusive! You could go self catering and it was a little cheaper but not by much! And where our hotel was we would not have been able to eat anywhere so defo go all inclusive. This price also includes the seats choice that cost £3.99 each. 

Everything was booked though Easyjet and you already know i love Easyjet!

We took €100 in spending money but we took home €55 . 

The Cost Of The Trips We Booked 

Our camel ride cost £30 For Both 
The atlas mountains cost £33 for both 
And the ozuouz waterfall was £45 for both 

All trips booked with get the as i find they always have the cheaper price. 

So the total cost of this trip was  around £881!! Now I think that is pretty good! Defo not a budget but for morocco I think its very good deal! And bare in mind we was getting quotes of over 1000 just for hotel flight and car!

I hope this has helped ! 

And remember always shop around!!


Ouzoud Falls Review - Atlas Mountains

Sunday, 21 July 2019

So this post is going to be about the beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls! Now if i am honest I wasn't going go do this trip! I didn't think i was going to enjoy it! Oh how i was wrong!! This waterfall is amazing! My best part is being able to go on the little boat and go right up to the waterfall. 

This boat trip only cost but only €2 each ! Witch i think is amazing. You do have to hike down and back up and this is a little hard but not a massive problem. The view of the water fall is stunning!! It was so breath taking.

 I enjoyed this trip so much!... the waterfall is so much bigger than what i though. You are in a group of around 50 people and our tour guide said our group was small! So just remember there is loads of people so again you are waiting around a lot! This wasn't to much of a problem this day as you can just take loads of photos. 

On this trip after the waterfall you go up and see the monkeys! Its a very small area and not that many monkeys there but still good. I did take a few more photos of the waterfall and landscape that was nice.

I give this trip 4 / 5 stars 

I loved this trip 


My Trip To Morocco

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

So we have not long been back from Morocco and I have so many wonderful blog posts to share with you!! I shall be posting twice a week! Tuesdays and Sundays! So keep a eye out!. This is going to be a little teaser of some photos and my thoughts i hope you enjoy.

My time in Morocco exceeded what I though 100%. I had such a wonderful time and so did my husband. We saw so much! And honestly just had a wicket time. The weather was lovely!! From around 33 and upwards! I did get a nice tan! And I didn't even lay on the sun beds everyday all day!

We stayed from monday afternoon till Saturday till 630! We did 3 trips and Wednesday and Saturday we had chill days. It was the perfect mixture.

We did three trips and theses included camel ride.. atlas mountains and Ouzrous waterfall! All i will be doing blog posts on so keep a eye out for that.

I never had morocco on my list but we booked 3 months before we went on a whim and i am so glad we did! Would defo say put on your bucket list! Its worth it! I am very excited to be able to say i have been north Africa.

You should put on your bucket list if not already!!

I hope you enjoyed

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Saturday, 6 July 2019