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Disney Paris - Halloween Theme

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a great week or weekend. Today's post is going to be about my trip to the amazing Disney Paris. I was super excited to go here and it was amazing!!! The Disney halloween theme is amazing! and I hope you all enjoy the photos.... I shall be doing a post about pricing - my thoughts on the day etc etc...

Theses dudes are cool! 

This was before going into the park and look how cool it is!

The whole park was halloween themed and it was amazng!! I love the orange colours they have used!! just perfect!! I hope you enjoy this little post - I shall be writing more and also on my trip to Zante!! 



Hollywood Studios - Florida

Hollywood Studios - Florida

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! Now today's Disney week is going to be a post about the amazing Hollywood Studios! This day was amazing we stayed at the park from start to finish! - Hollywood studios has so many rides and things to be. I loved my day here and would go back. The best part about this day was at midnight they did a show with fireworks and lights! just stunning - I shall link a video down below of a little clip from this show. I would 100% recommend staying up late to watch one of the shows they are breathtaking. 

So the best part of the day was 100% the show that they did at the end of the night but I also enjoyed meeting the characters. Know you may not no this but I am super scared of people dressed up!! like mega scared but I did it and as you can see from the photo I was in shock! I am so glad I did it and met them but at the time I was super scared. The food at Hollywood Studios was amazing as well. 

Swimming With Dolphins and Fish - Discovery Cove | Best Day Out In Florida

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Discovery Cove

Hello my lovies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! now today's post is going to be about Discovery Cove Florida! I no!! its taken me ages to get this written up! but all my Florida blogs are coming your way!! thanks for waiting! its worth it I promise!! Now I don't really need to do a review on Discovery cove! Its AMAZAMING - everyone needs to go at least ones - this is going to be some photos of my day at Discovery Cove and what I did. I hope you enjoyed - If you want to book this AMAZING day out then click the link below.

d We did so much on this day at Discovery Cove! It really is amazing - the swimming with dolphins was on of the best thing I have ever done. It really is just the best thing ever - I also enjoyed going into the bird cages and having the birds land on you! - you can also swim with the fish but I did not do this as I am scared of swimming in deep water.

 This pool was the best! we stayed in this pool for a long time! it was so relaxing! The good thing about Discovery Cove is that there is so much to do at this place that is never packed - or at least when we when we didn't bump into many people. I remember it was super hot the day we went to Discovery Cove and this pool was the best thing ever. 

Trip To The Atlas Mountain Morocco | Review

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Atlas Mountains Morocco

Now this post is going to be all about my trip to the Atlas mountains and my whole review. I booked this trip through and i always book through them they are amazing. I shall link below the trip we booked if anyone wants to. 

Now i am just going to say straight away that this trip is at the bottom of our list! We didn't really enjoy to much and we wouldn't do again. You can miss this trip if i am honest. I wouldn't have minded if we didn't get to do it. Saying that the trip is fairly cheap and we are glad we got the photos for this post. Now i don't know if its just this trip that we booked or if its the same but it was very veryyy long winded and it was around 2.00 before we even got started on our hike. We got took around some market and oil shop and we saw some Berbers home. All very nice but i feel we could have missed theses steps all together. I feel like if you book this trip try and just do the hike of possible. The hike its self took about 1 hour and it was hard you guys im not going to lie. 

You have to climb up!! Very scary and very hard to do. After we walked up what seemed like 1000 steps and then climbed up the big rocks you are met by this waterfall. Now im not going to lie! I was so underwhelmed by this water... it was so small and there was crowds of people around you couldn't take a good photo. Now for some people they might love it!! But for me and my husband we couldn't wait to turn back round and go home but we had to wait around 30 mins till everyone was finished. The climb back down we got some really nice photos.  I think if your in Morroco the other ozoirs waterfall is much better if you had to pick. If you are not doing anything and have a few day then yeah book this trip you might enjoy.

A Camel Ride In The Desert

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Camel Ride

Oh my god you guys!! I cant wait to give my review for this!! Now as you know i have recently been to Morocco!! While in morocco me and my husband went on the camel rides ! We have never been on one before and we was so excited! It defo lived up to our exceptions and we would defo recommend doing one.

We booked with get the and everything went fine. The price was brillants only paying £17 each. On the day we got to dresa up in the clothing they gave us and this was just fab! You can tell from my face i am loving life. We spent about 1 hour on the cameral and this was plenty of time! I think any longer my legs would have fallen off. The guide stopped and everyone got photos!.. the one think i will say is that as you see from photos the views are amazing BUT the views from the ground not so much! Theses loads of rubbish everywhwre and it doesnt look that good. But from the distance view it was stunning. This wasnt to much of a biggy but i was worried at first. If you are in morocco i would 100% reccomend you doing this trip! After the ride we sat down and had some lovely tea that the locals make! 100% Have this tea it is so tasty! Very sweet but good.  I am given this trip 4/5 i am missing 1 star due to the views i would if i go back maybe pay a bit more and go somewhere nicer.