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Meadow Pod Glamping - Wales

Thursday, 27 February 2020

A Little Pod In The Middle Of Wales 

So I recently stayed in a little pod in Wales - we booked this trip just on a whim as we through it would  be fun. It was amazing - we only stayed for the night but we watch films had popcorn and cuddled. Staying in a pod is super quite and its so comfy! I would 100% recommend staying in one at least once and a good point about pods is that they are super cheap!

As you can see here the views are amazing - I could of lay here for hours! my doggie loved this time here to!  I hope you enjoyed this little post! with some photos - part 2 will be up soon .


The Best Beach To Visit In Wales - Rossili Bay

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Rossili Bay - Wales 

If you are ever in Wales or visiting you defo need to visit Rossili Bay, This beach is just beautiful! I never knew it was a place until my mum moved here and told us to visit one day! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! So many great photos you can take and its a lovely walk. As you can see from the photos we visited in winter so it was pretty cold but still a great pick! - I can only imagine how lovely this beach is in the summer! 

Can you tell the sun was in my eyes in this photos - Hahaa im dying! - I plan on visiting this beach again in the summer and when I do I Shall add more photos of how it looks in the summer time. I am sure they will be amazing! 

How To Save Money When Visiting Alton Towers

Thursday, 13 February 2020

How To Save Money When Visiting Alton Towers 

Visiting Alton Towers can be pretty expensive, the park ticket alone will set you back a pretty penny. No I am not saving its not worth the money! No it definitely is worth it but who wants to spend £100 on the ticket plus £150 plus on hotel stay, plus £50 on food and drink. Here is what we did to save us money when we visited Alton Towers and I hope it helps. 

save yourself paying out £100s on hotels near the park or even £200 if you stay at the park! We have stayed at the Alton Towers hotel before and It was amazing! The splash landing hotel was amazing and you do get many benefits of staying at the hotels like early entrance, but if you are wanting to save a bit of money, stay in one of theses pods. Here are reasons I think its a great idea. 
  • Its so much fun to stay in one of theses
  • they are so cheap we paid £30 
  • you can look up at the stars 
  • they look great for photos

Another way you can save money is not to eat out! it can cost so much money eating out, breakfast lunch and dinner will set you back over £100. As we where staying in the pod we brought breakfast a packed lunch and dinner from Tesco and this cost under £40!! we took the packed lunch to the park with us, We did have donuts at the park and this cost around £8 but they are sooooo yummy. We had so much fun cooking dinner, we brought a little BBQ and had so much fun cooking!

The TRUTH About flying with Easy Jets - The Good and The Bad!

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Hello My Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! Today's post is going to be about EasyJe, The good and the bad, Im going to be totally open with you guys! I hope you enjoy! First things first I love Easy jet and I love flying with them. Easy Jet has taken me on so many trips around the world! so for that I am thankful that EasyJet is so cheap!! Now I am going to point out all the good points then I shall post about some of the bad.

First things first a list of places Easy Jet Have taken us

  • Venice 
  • Iceland
  • Amsterdam
  • Lanzrote 
  • Fuerteventura
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Sicily 
  • Corfu 
  • Zante 
  • Morocco 
  • Portugal 

Now some of our other trips where with other airlines and I shall do posts on them later, but all theres trips we have taken with Easy Jet and the best part they where cheap!!.

Good Points About Flying With Easy Jet 

  • Very Cheap - You can get flights for so cheap with Easyjet
  • You can check in before you fly so go straight to gates!
  • Your boarding passes go to your phone/or you can print 
  • You can go on more holidays as prices are so cheap 
  • friendly staff 
  • on broad food is tasty and not bad price
  • Self hold check in 

Now unfortunately there are some bad points about flying with Easy Jets but even with the bad points I still love flying with them.

  • Delays Now I don't no if we just have bad luck but every flight we have gotten was delayed - not by much but still its a lot of waiting.
  • The seats are a little cramped / not to much of a problem as flight times are normally short
  • Not all the time but sometimes its a little disorganised - for example no signs telling's you who is speeding boarding and who's normal boarding so people just que in whatever and hope for the best. 
  • They have self check in - this is good and bad - we had to check in a bag once and was having problem - no staff where to be seen for a good 5 or 10 mins ( after this we never checked a bad in) now this is probably a one off but it did put us off checking in bags for the future. we always take on board suitcase now, which leads me to the next point
  • they always! every flight we have been on have told people that they are going to have to put on board luggage in the hold - now they do, do this free of charge but its a massive pain ( lucky our cabin suitcase is so small we have never been told we have to) I think they do this to speed things up as when ever we go onto the air plane there is loads of room. I do understand why they do it but still I would be a little annoyed having to wait for my cabin bag at the other end. 
even though I have added some bad points to this, I still fly with them because of the price! 

Disclaimer - This post was not paid for by Easyjet nor did they ask me to post - all options are my own 

How To Get Cheap British Airways Holidays

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Hello My Lovies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week or weekend! Now this post some people may already know how to do but I only found out recently! and its saved me sooo much money! Now if you have a date in mind but you don't care where you want to go, you just want the cheapest deals then this trick is for you!!

  1. First things first is go onto British Airways 
  2. Go onto Discover
  3. Click onto Holiday Finder 

This will bring you to this page... 

This has saved my life!! ( not really but its saved me so much money) 

all you do is put in the month or date of travel how many nights and it will found the cheapest holiday! Lets see what I can find for next month ? 

So I put in 9/3/2020 and picked low to high and look only £129!!if you don't mind where you want to travel to but just want a great deal this tool is AMAZING! Now I used this tool for my FLORIDA tickets and you guys are not going to believe how cheap we got our flights car hire and hotel for Florida! That's for another post hehe keep yours eyes peeled

I hope this has helped at least 1 person! I only found this out recently and wanted to shared!

Disclaimer British Airways did not asked me to do this post nor was I paid to do it, all opinions are my own. 

Magic Kingdom Disney Florida

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Magic Kingdom - Florida 

The Magic Of The Disney Castle

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! now this week is Disney week on my blog and I shall be sharing all my photos and thought on my trip to Disney Florida!! Its taking me a long time to get theses puts up but I have been busy with my other posts and this one I knew I wanted to do a post every day so getting the time to write this up was hard!! but Its finally here!! I hope you guys enjoy!! This post is going to be my photos from the amazing magic Kingdom! This was my favourite park for the photos!! I loved the photos I got from this park and It was a great day out!.

My favourite ride from magic kingdom has to be by far space mountain- this ride is insane!! best ride ever. So if you find yourself at the magic kingdom then 100% you need to try this ride its crazy. 

This photo of my and my husband at the castle is just the best! that smile on my face is because I am so happy. Disney honestly make you feel so much better. I remember seeing the castle for the first time and I nearly cried! I know your probably thinking I am a nutter but it honestly is amazing.


Tips For Climbing Pen Y Fan - Wales

Tips For Climbing Pen Y Fan - Wales

  • Its cold very very cold, when you reach the top its frezzing! bring hats scarps and gloves even if you dont wear them on the way your going to need then when you hit the top

  • its winding! very very winding so be carfull! and dont forget to wrap up warm.

  • wear senable boots/shoes! its a long trek up the moutaine so wear comfy shoes, make sure they are waterprof and are warm!

  • take food with you, we took some mars bars anda few little snacks - I know its not the biggest moutain you can climb but still, it took us 2 and half hours to climb up. We needed the snacks. 

  • take a flash of warm hot coco or coffee, also take loads of water as you dont