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Fashion blogger ?? Thoughts

Monday, 18 May 2020

Hello My lovelies! I hope your all well and having a great week or weekend!! Now today’s post is going to very short, I have a question?? Firstly I hope everyone is staying safe and well!! I hope everyone is not going to crazy inside if you are at home. Anyways the question.... Fashion fashion fashion... I have been interested in doing this for a little while now... as well as I love for travelling I also am interested and love a bit of fashion,  what I want to know is if that’s what you guys wants ? And if you do let me know. Yaya and then if anyone have any tips for me let me know in the comments I would be super greatfull !

Much love to everyone and I’m excited to hear your thoughts :)



Craig -y Nos Castle - Wales

Castle In The Woods 

If you are planning a trip to wales! this is a defo must see, this castke is beautiful and its a great little place to stop and look around. It's not a massive castle but it dose have some amazing views! defo worth stopping for a few photos.  You can also stay at this beautiful castle to! and if you are ever in wales for halloween they do some amazing ghost hunting nights! and the prices are very good. Good news for doggies lovers like myself - this place is dog friendly! 

Where To Find Them 

Neath Abbey Wales

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Neath Abbey 

Neath Abbey is a lovely place that you can stop of for 10 to 15 mins and look round and take some lovely photos! its only the Abbey so nothing else to do but i would defo reccomend having a stop off here and taking some lovely photos. It is free to enter (when we went in 2018 this could have changed) and you can park on site.  Its normaly open from10 till 4. 

Where To Find Me 

Dover Castle

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Dover Castle Kent 

Dover castle in Kent is just stunning and its defentily a place i would recomend going to visit at leaste onces. If you are coming over by boat into Dover this casltle is not far from the port. You do need to pay to get in to see this place but its worth the money! If you are from the UK you can sign up to a English Hertiage card and pay a year price and get into loads of places around the UK and this is a better deal. The castle has so much to offer and its great for going to look around and take some amazing photos. This castle also has so much information to read up on and when we went we had a little tour and learned so much about the castle!  I would recommend doing a tour! its worth it and you see so much and learna lot.