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Hello !! Not a Sunday I had been planing to dye my hair and do a Blog about it but I just couldn't wait till Sunday to dye my hair. I hope every had a great New Year and you are all keeping up with you New Years ideas. 

So this Blog is just going to be all about me dyeing my hair and what I use and how I go about dyeing my hair. I had been planing on dyeing my hair for a year and just never got round to doing it so I am so pleased that I finial have dyed my hair. 

I am going to be using the nice'n easy in the shade- Natural Dark Reddish Brown. 

Here is my hair before I put the dye on 

So this is my hair before I put on the dye. As you can see it had many different colours and it really needed to be dyed. 

Now because I have a lot of hair I have to put my hair into two half's. This make it easy to put the hair dye all over my hair.

I like to leave my hair dye on for 50 minutes.

Finished Look

So what do you think ?

Hope you have liked todays blog post


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