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Hi everyone... So this weeks blog post is going to be the five places I really want to travel to or travel back to. This can be a tag and if you have done a blog post like this comment me and let me know. If not I tag you to do this.

First on my list has got to be Paris. I have been to France many times and have not long ago done a blog post about my fishing trip there, but I have never been to Paris. It is my dream to go see the Eiffel and walk around all the fanatic shops they have. I am really hoping to be going some time this year. 

The second on my list is Rome. I am planning on going to Rome this year or next and I am so excited. I have always wanted to go round and see all of Rome's wonders. 

My third Is Portugal and I am lucky enough to be going here in the summer and I am super excited. I will be doing a blog post when I come back and I may do a YouTube video if thats something you would like to see?.

I am lucky enough to have already been to Florida but I would love to go back. I had a wonderful holiday with me and my mum and I think the place is just beautiful. We only could go for a week and we never got to go to Disney land so I would love to go back and go there.

Last on my list is the grand canyon. Now I have always wanted to come and see this beautiful place but have never had the money to travel. I hope one day to save up so I can travel here and also around the USA. 

I hope you liked this weeks blog don't forget to comment me if you have done this tag or if you are going to I would love to read.

thank you 




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