Holiday Haul

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So here is this weeks Sunday blog post on a Sunday. I went shopping the other day for a few bits for my holiday to Portugal and I though I would share some of the things I got. Also I may give you a couple ideas of what to buy for the summer. I hope you enjoy. 


I got this top from Choice for only £3. I though it would look great with some shorts and some nice bracelets. 

This is the second top and I got this from New Look for £10 in the sales. You have to wear a top underneath as it is very see-though but this will be perfect for my holiday.


Now I got this from Forever 21 for £12.99 and I think this is a bargain for this dress. You can dress this up and down and is perfect for a hot country. 

This is the second dress and I got this from New Look in the sale for only £10. I love the pattern on this maxi dress and the length is perfect. 

This is the third dress I got from New Look again and was in the Sale for £5 and I think this a bargain. You can dress this up or down . 


From New Look £1

New Look £2

New Look £2

New Look £2 

Hope you enjoyed today's Blog post and liked all the stuff I have brought 




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