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Hi Guys!! So as you all know I am travelling to Wales tonight so I though I would do a quick Blog as I would normal upload on a Sunday so I didn't want to miss a Blog. I though I would do a what's in my travel bad (car travel). It normally takes four hours to drive to Wales from where I live so I do pack a bag with stuff that will keep me entertained for that long drive. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Blog post and many get some ideas for you are travelling on a long car journey. 

First things first is coffee as we will be travelling at night we need coffee to keep us awake. I got these cute thing one and thing two travel mugs from Florida- Universal studios and where around $14 each so not bad and me and my parent use them all the time. 

Next we have some energy drink to keep us awake again and of course some snacks for along the way. We have star-bust and twirl my favourite sweet snacks. I think it's always good to pack some drinks and food just in case you get hungry on the way. I picked all these up for £4

Next I have my phone just in case I get a bit bored I can go on my phone and check Instagram, Facebook and some games. I have download loads of music to play on the way. I have my Juice cube just in case my phone ruins out of battery. 

And last things is a deluxe pillow just in case I cannot stay awake I can get comfy and lay my head on this pillow and not be unconformable. I believe I got this from Wilkinson and was around £5.

My bad I am using to put this stuff in is from New Look and I got it about 2 years ago know in the sale for only £5. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Blog post

I know it is a little bit short but I will be doing more blogs in the weeks on my trip



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