How Do I Afford To Travel So Much?

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a great week of weekend! Know today's post I have been wanting to do for a very very long time! I always get asked on my Blog Instagram and in person! Hey Jade how do you afford to travel so much! or another holiday? how do you afford it! well In this post I am going to tell you guys what I personality do to save money and manage to book loads of trips. I really hope you guys enjoy this post and maybe take away some tips. 


 First things first Planning. The first thing me and my husband do around December or Jan time is fill in all our holiday for the following year this way we know when we are going away and for how long etc. We then write down where we want to travel to the following year, this helps us budget and plan ahead. So this year we went Corfu, Tenerife, Lazrote, Fuerteventura, Amsterdam, Wales and Iceland.  So once we know where we want to travel to we can give a idea of how much we need to save and put by. 


So saving! Me and my husband save money like crazy! and I am going to give you guys a few tips of what we do that save us so much money. 

  1. We don't buy new clothes every month. This one saves us so much money! I could easily spend over £100 on clothes every month but I don't. I see people I know spend so much money on clothes and things you don't really need! Yeah each to there own I'm not saying don't go out and spend money on clothes BUT for me personally! I would rather a holiday!.. If I do buy clothes I always!! buy in the sale and once I am done with that item and I don't want it anymore.. I sell if on Ebay! this way I'm getting money back instead of throwing it away. So saving money on not buying clothes helps so much. 
  2. Don't buy that coffee. So I don't buy things like a Costa every day before work or lunch out, if I brought a Costa every day or even once a week that would be a lot of money by the end of the month so I just don't.
  3. No Cinema For Me. another thing me and my husband don't do is go out... we don't go to cinema (I mean we have done but very rare) we don't go for meals etc etc etc. The reason being is because it cost so much. A cinema ticket cost around £20 each where we live and I know some people that go twice a month... that's £80 right there!! to me thats a one way flight somewhere.  Again I'm not saying don't do things and be boring but think about how much you are going out and how much you are spending.. for meals out we could easily spend £50 or more, why not take away and movie at home, Netflicks is only £5,99 a month and a take away £7.99 for a Pizza GoGo, sorted! and so much cheaper. 
  4. Cut down on shopping bills. So our food shop is very cheap (I think) I limit our food shop for no more than £60 max a month, we buy the cheapest stuff! Tesco value all the way! and we have started recently shopping at Adli and OMG! we are saving our self so much money. I also save money with my packed lunches putting left over dinner away or I bulk do pasta and have that for the week. 
  5. Don't waste money on random Items. So I try not to waste money on random things. So we try not to buy random stuff that we don't need (this doesn't included my cleaning supplies). 
  6. save money where every you can. so we like to save money where ever we can so for example my car, I changed my Cosra to a smart car and I have saved so much money. My petrol bill used to be £30 a week and now its around £40 a month!! my tax used to be £20 a month and now it £2 a month and my car insurance has gone down. now i'm not saving change your car but you can always find cheaper way to things. 
  7. I always look for offers. So I always look for offers when buying things and this has helped a lot. 
  8. Birthdays - so for birthday we and my husband buy each other stuff we need, we never buy just random (items) and it's okay if you do its great but for me i would rather a holiday or a trip or somethings I needed like a coat if i needed one or this year I have asked for gloves as I don't have any. 
There is also so many more ways I save money and if you would like to know more please let me know. 

Now the fun bits. 

Looking for holiday.

I will look for days if I have to, to find the cheapest holiday. I mostly find the best deals on Easyjet! but sometimes TUI come up cheapest so It is always good to look and keep looking for the best deals. For example my reason trip to Amsterdam only cost £200 for the both of us! 

Sometimes looking on holiday comparison sides don't save you money so I always look direct. I go onto for example East jet and put into the holiday tab my place I want to travel and I save the price, I then look on Trivago and just flights to see if doing it separate is cheaper and sometimes it is. 

We also always set a budget of how much we can spend so another example for Iceland our budget was £1,000 or cheaper and I find for us if we have a budget we are more lucky to not go crazy with the pricing. By having a budget we are able to afford more holidays and trips every year. so rather than spending £3,000 on one holiday we could do two or three or maybe even more. 

So I worked it all out this year we have spend just under £4,000 on all our trips and I know some people that would spend that on one ( again its okay if you want to do that or just want one amazing holiday) but for me I would rather have a few trips. 

Now another things that helps us travel so much if putting down deposits for holiday and then paying for them throughout the year. This helps so much because you know you have to pay for it and you don't spend your money on other stuff you may not need. 

I always find as well that holiday pricing go's up and down every day so if you can't find a holiday in your budget then wait a couple of days or weeks and you might find it go cheaper. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! and any questions please ask away. 

My trip to Paris <3 

I am very lucky in that my mum lives in Wales so free trips for me <3 

The lovely Sicily 


My recent trip to Amsterdam - post will be up very soon. 





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  1. Great tips! It's amazing what you can do with some careful saving and a keen eye for a good deal! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. thank for the comment and yes I agree <3 :)

  2. Amazing tips, thanks a lot for sharing
    Instagram:- stylebasket24

  3. This is such a great post Jadiee! Even for someone who's not interested in travelling, I love the saving tips you included! xx

  4. I agree with all of this! I am saving up for my trip to Europe (London and Paris) with my husband in October and I am trying to not spend as much on other things but it's a bit hard. Also, living in the US makes it a lot harder (and more expensive) to travel since all the other countries are so far away. At least in Europe there are so many neighboring countries you can visit so airfare and transportation is much cheaper.

    Hannah the Mad Dog




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