A Camel Ride In The Desert

Camel Ride

Oh my god you guys!! I cant wait to give my review for this!! Now as you know i have recently been to Morocco!! While in morocco me and my husband went on the camel rides ! We have never been on one before and we was so excited! It defo lived up to our exceptions and we would defo recommend doing one.

We booked with get the guide.com and everything went fine. The price was brillants only paying £17 each. On the day we got to dresa up in the clothing they gave us and this was just fab! You can tell from my face i am loving life. We spent about 1 hour on the cameral and this was plenty of time! I think any longer my legs would have fallen off. The guide stopped and everyone got photos!.. the one think i will say is that as you see from photos the views are amazing BUT the views from the ground not so much! Theses loads of rubbish everywhwre and it doesnt look that good. But from the distance view it was stunning. This wasnt to much of a biggy but i was worried at first. If you are in morocco i would 100% reccomend you doing this trip! After the ride we sat down and had some lovely tea that the locals make! 100% Have this tea it is so tasty! Very sweet but good.  I am given this trip 4/5 i am missing 1 star due to the views i would if i go back maybe pay a bit more and go somewhere nicer. 



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