Trip To The Atlas Mountain Morocco | Review

The Atlas Mountains Morocco

Now this post is going to be all about my trip to the Atlas mountains and my whole review. I booked this trip through and i always book through them they are amazing. I shall link below the trip we booked if anyone wants to. 

Now i am just going to say straight away that this trip is at the bottom of our list! We didn't really enjoy to much and we wouldn't do again. You can miss this trip if i am honest. I wouldn't have minded if we didn't get to do it. Saying that the trip is fairly cheap and we are glad we got the photos for this post. Now i don't know if its just this trip that we booked or if its the same but it was very veryyy long winded and it was around 2.00 before we even got started on our hike. We got took around some market and oil shop and we saw some Berbers home. All very nice but i feel we could have missed theses steps all together. I feel like if you book this trip try and just do the hike of possible. The hike its self took about 1 hour and it was hard you guys im not going to lie. 

You have to climb up!! Very scary and very hard to do. After we walked up what seemed like 1000 steps and then climbed up the big rocks you are met by this waterfall. Now im not going to lie! I was so underwhelmed by this water... it was so small and there was crowds of people around you couldn't take a good photo. Now for some people they might love it!! But for me and my husband we couldn't wait to turn back round and go home but we had to wait around 30 mins till everyone was finished. The climb back down we got some really nice photos.  I think if your in Morroco the other ozoirs waterfall is much better if you had to pick. If you are not doing anything and have a few day then yeah book this trip you might enjoy.



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