The Beach That Hurts Your Feet | Zante Shipwreck

Hello My Lovies!! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend!! Now if you follow me on instagram you will know that I recently went to Zante!! it was amazing!! Full post up soon - this is going to be about the shipwreck! any time you say you are going to Zante they always tell you to come here!! and for good reason the views are amazing!!! but here are some facts you may not no..... 

So first one is your feet!! OH MY if you go bear feet it hurts!!! this beach is not nice soft sand at all!! so bare this in mind!! 

  • This beach is very small - I though it would be bigger but its not! 

  • Its packed!! so you can't see if from the photos as my hubby made sure not to get people in frame and we was lucky to get off the boat first, however this beach gets packed!!! like your at Disney packed haha. 

  • Don't bear your flip flops when you swim - you will lose them like I nearly did haha! 

  • Go for a swim its beautiful and the water is lovely!! 

Jadiee xx



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