A cheap way to get to Disney Paris - How Much Dose It Cost?

Hello My Lovies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! Now today's post is going to be how to get to Disney Paris for cheap... we looks at every way possible to get and stay at Disney for cheap! The Park ticket cost £98 each! so we need a cheap way to stay and get there. We look at flying/ train / or Ferry... But the cheapest way for us was on the Euro Tunnel early morning. We got a Euro Train at 1 in the morning from Dover to Calais and this only cost £50 there and back! This was a bargain considering flying was over £100 each  and the train was over £200 each !!... we then drove from Calais to Paris and this didn't cost a lot at all. we then looked a hotel as we knew this was going to be very expensive. Looking around Paris hotel where priced around £100 upwards a night, but if you drive 20 to 30 minutes outside Disney Paris the price down massive! We paid only £32 for a bed and breakfast in a little motel! It was an amazing price for what you got. You had your bed, Tv, coffee making table, nice shower loo etc etc. So my advise would be to look just outside Disney. 



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