A cheap way to get to Iceland

How To Get A Cheap Deal To Iceland!!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well and having a great day or weekend! Now today's post is going to be one about Iceland! And how much it cost us to travel here! We went to Iceland last year and we loved it so much we are going back again this year! and we got such an amazing deal!! We booked our trip about a couple of months after coming back from Iceland and we got such a great deal!! I think because we booked it so early we got an amazing deal!. 

So we booked with Easyjet for our flights as this was the cheapest! I always find Easyjet to have amazing deals! We paid only £250 each!! for flight and hotel!! yesss £250!!! so for both of us it cost £500! an amazing deal. We have also hired a car as I find it easy to travel around Iceland and when you have a car its sooooo much cheaper to visit places than booking trips. Also with a car you can go as quick or as slow as you want! We managed to visit so many more places when using the car. We have booked with a different company this time and we paid £200 in toward and this is for 4 of us so £100 per couple or £50 each! For food and drink we are not eating out in restaurants! we are going to the local shops and making packed lunches for our trips out and also going to the local take away! by doing this we are going to be saving so much more money! we are super excited for our upcoming trip! and if you want to see me in Iceland follow my Instagram!. 

Top Tips  

  • Book early
  • Look on every site to get the best deal
  • compare car hire companies
  • hire a car
  • don't eat in restaurants (if you want to save money)
  • plan your day trips to get the most of of Iceland and your time 



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