How To Save Money On Food When In Iceland - Budget Travel

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! Now if you don't follow me on Instagram! you may not now that I have just got back from ICELAND! I love Iceland and just want to keep going back! Now today's post is going to be how to save money on food while in Iceland. Whenever people go to Iceland or hear about it, they always say how the food is expensive! BUT you can save so much money by using my tips! Now they are not for everyone but I hope it helps at least one of you. 

Now for dinner we went the the pizza place down the road from our hotel! we went here most nights as its so cheap and taste so good! I love eating pizza while at the light house looking at the lights! just perfect! Pizza was around 2,500 Krona and this is about £15 and we got Pizza dips and sometimes sides. 



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