How To Get Cheap British Airways Holidays

Hello My Lovies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week or weekend! Now this post some people may already know how to do but I only found out recently! and its saved me sooo much money! Now if you have a date in mind but you don't care where you want to go, you just want the cheapest deals then this trick is for you!!

  1. First things first is go onto British Airways 
  2. Go onto Discover
  3. Click onto Holiday Finder 

This will bring you to this page... 

This has saved my life!! ( not really but its saved me so much money) 

all you do is put in the month or date of travel how many nights and it will found the cheapest holiday! Lets see what I can find for next month ? 

So I put in 9/3/2020 and picked low to high and look only £129!!if you don't mind where you want to travel to but just want a great deal this tool is AMAZING! Now I used this tool for my FLORIDA tickets and you guys are not going to believe how cheap we got our flights car hire and hotel for Florida! That's for another post hehe keep yours eyes peeled

I hope this has helped at least 1 person! I only found this out recently and wanted to shared!

Disclaimer British Airways did not asked me to do this post nor was I paid to do it, all opinions are my own. 



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