How To Save Money When Visiting Alton Towers

How To Save Money When Visiting Alton Towers 

Visiting Alton Towers can be pretty expensive, the park ticket alone will set you back a pretty penny. No I am not saving its not worth the money! No it definitely is worth it but who wants to spend £100 on the ticket plus £150 plus on hotel stay, plus £50 on food and drink. Here is what we did to save us money when we visited Alton Towers and I hope it helps. 

save yourself paying out £100s on hotels near the park or even £200 if you stay at the park! We have stayed at the Alton Towers hotel before and It was amazing! The splash landing hotel was amazing and you do get many benefits of staying at the hotels like early entrance, but if you are wanting to save a bit of money, stay in one of theses pods. Here are reasons I think its a great idea. 
  • Its so much fun to stay in one of theses
  • they are so cheap we paid £30 
  • you can look up at the stars 
  • they look great for photos

Another way you can save money is not to eat out! it can cost so much money eating out, breakfast lunch and dinner will set you back over £100. As we where staying in the pod we brought breakfast a packed lunch and dinner from Tesco and this cost under £40!! we took the packed lunch to the park with us, We did have donuts at the park and this cost around £8 but they are sooooo yummy. We had so much fun cooking dinner, we brought a little BBQ and had so much fun cooking!



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