The TRUTH About flying with Easy Jets - The Good and The Bad!

Hello My Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! Today's post is going to be about EasyJe, The good and the bad, Im going to be totally open with you guys! I hope you enjoy! First things first I love Easy jet and I love flying with them. Easy Jet has taken me on so many trips around the world! so for that I am thankful that EasyJet is so cheap!! Now I am going to point out all the good points then I shall post about some of the bad.

First things first a list of places Easy Jet Have taken us

  • Venice 
  • Iceland
  • Amsterdam
  • Lanzrote 
  • Fuerteventura
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Sicily 
  • Corfu 
  • Zante 
  • Morocco 
  • Portugal 

Now some of our other trips where with other airlines and I shall do posts on them later, but all theres trips we have taken with Easy Jet and the best part they where cheap!!.

Good Points About Flying With Easy Jet 

  • Very Cheap - You can get flights for so cheap with Easyjet
  • You can check in before you fly so go straight to gates!
  • Your boarding passes go to your phone/or you can print 
  • You can go on more holidays as prices are so cheap 
  • friendly staff 
  • on broad food is tasty and not bad price
  • Self hold check in 

Now unfortunately there are some bad points about flying with Easy Jets but even with the bad points I still love flying with them.

  • Delays Now I don't no if we just have bad luck but every flight we have gotten was delayed - not by much but still its a lot of waiting.
  • The seats are a little cramped / not to much of a problem as flight times are normally short
  • Not all the time but sometimes its a little disorganised - for example no signs telling's you who is speeding boarding and who's normal boarding so people just que in whatever and hope for the best. 
  • They have self check in - this is good and bad - we had to check in a bag once and was having problem - no staff where to be seen for a good 5 or 10 mins ( after this we never checked a bad in) now this is probably a one off but it did put us off checking in bags for the future. we always take on board suitcase now, which leads me to the next point
  • they always! every flight we have been on have told people that they are going to have to put on board luggage in the hold - now they do, do this free of charge but its a massive pain ( lucky our cabin suitcase is so small we have never been told we have to) I think they do this to speed things up as when ever we go onto the air plane there is loads of room. I do understand why they do it but still I would be a little annoyed having to wait for my cabin bag at the other end. 
even though I have added some bad points to this, I still fly with them because of the price! 

Disclaimer - This post was not paid for by Easyjet nor did they ask me to post - all options are my own 



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