THREE, FREE Places To See In Iceland

Three Free Places To See In Iceland

So this post is going to be a list of Three FREE places you can visit in Iceland for free! this is great if you are planning a trip to Iceland a want to see more places for free. I hope you enjoy! 

The first place is Gunnuhver Hot Spring this is place is beautiful! and its free to visit. Not only is it free to visit its not very busy at all. I have no idea why as its lovely place to visit.  There is parking here and its free.

To see more about this beautiful place ClickHere

The next place on this list is The Geysir! this place is free and just stunning! this place is busy but its so worth it - there is parking here and its free.

Next place is Iceland Plane Crash, this is free to park and to see, it dose take a good our to walk to!

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! 

take care 




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