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I have known Jade since 2015, we are both lovers for sharing with the world and connecting with others. 

Jade has been kind enough to let me use her platform to connect with you all, as she believes my blog space may be of interest to you, either way I am grateful and wanted to share an idea with you. 

But first, let me introduce myself! My name is Emily, I am the founder of the Bloomin’ Positive, a blog dedicated to lifestyle, self-care and eco-living. The idea is to use these topics to create a sense of community and spread love and positivity, so if this interests you then please continue reading and check out my blog! The rest of this post will be continued on my page. 

As Jade has this wonderful platform dedicated to travel, I wanted to post about the impact that the coronavirus has had on us all and how we can create our own mini self-care breaks. Whether that be in the comfort of your own home, or in a place in the UK that you have not been to before. I thought this would be a sweet idea for those of you who are still feeling anxious about travelling abroad during this uncertain time, and to make you aware that you can create memories and have fun wherever you may be! So, lets begin, by discussing your available options.

Holiday in the UK
So you may not feel comfortable boarding a plane yet, and that’s totally fine. We are all navigating life at different paces right now, and you need to do what is best for you. However, if you are searching for a break, there are plenty of places across the UK that are taking bookings. 
These include:
Bluestone Resort, Wales: 
Center Parcs: (A favourite of mine & Jade’s!) 

There may be other companies that I have missed so have a little look online if you’d like, do a little digging, but just bear in mind that things may not be as they have been before, there may be new rules and regulations to follow. Every company is trying their best to make sure you have the most wonderful times while also ensuring your safety. 

Dip your toe in!
If you don’t want to go for a week away somewhere, but there is an English Heritage site or National Trust site that you want to explore, but it’s a little too far out for you… why not stay at a Premier Inn, Travelodge, Holiday Inn or Air BnB for a night. This way, you’re not committing to a long week awaybut you are getting back into the idea of travelling again during this crazy time. 

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If you don’t fancy a holiday abroad or in the UK, and you feel safer being at home, then feel free to head over to the Bloomin’ Positive blog for our Holiday at Home ideas. 

Thanks for reading so far, I’ll see you over there!

Em x 

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