How much did it cost? Living room renovation


Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! Todays Post is going to be some photos of our new living room and also a break down of the costs! I hope this helps some people out of are renovation themselves or just people who want to know how much we spent. We found the living room really easy to do and didn't really have many problems. The only downside we had was getting the chip wood wall paper off the walls this look us a total of 8 hours even with a wall paper steamer! I would not! Recommend doing it without one! That was the worst. The fire place came off pretty easy with tools we had to buy I will do another post on that soon. 

So this is the the costs of everything. We didn't Include things like the electric or the radiator as this will get budgeted into the hole house spend that I will do later on. We did pretty well I think and we was very lucky with the flooring as we had it before in our old place we knew it was good and lasts a long time so that's why we went for it again. We had a bit of difficulty with the skirting broad and we won't be redo any of the skirting in the rest of the house! We found it a little pointless redoing it however it does mean we didn't need to do Beading so I guess it has its pros and cons. 


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  1. It turned out really nicely1 the fireplace looks so lovely and cosy! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and you are enjoying this relaxing time between Christmas and new year :)

    Away From Blue

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  4. SO great post dear


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