Closet room renovation


Closet Room Renovation 

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! Today's post is going to be anohter room update! Can't believe we have done two rooms already! its so exciting! I am going posting all the photos here and I hope you enjoy the process as much as we do. 

At first this bedroom as going to  be made into a office space! but last minute we through this spare would be perfect for a closet! it was just the right size and we can use our other spare room as our office! I am so glade we did this! it makes things so much easier when doing washing! everything's all in one space! apart from the washing machine haha! but we have all our clothes on one side! washing baskets on the other! a place for clothes that need to be ironed a ironing broad! and space for our shoes! we have also added a telly so when I sort out in here I have something to watch! its amazing.

we took down all the wallpaper! this was a massive pain as it just wouldn't come off! but we did it! and we just painted it with a grey and I love this colour! 

We personally don't like carpet so we went with flooring! and I love this colours! we had some broads left over from our front room! so we used then here! the wardrobe we got given to us and also the chest of draws! the grey baskets we already had from our flat.  we used the Ikea shoe racks as they are only £3 and they took amazing! they are easy to move around or fold away if not needed. for the clothes we just got two poles from BnQ and put them up . I love this room and its made laundry so much easier! I hope you all enjoyed.


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