Hallway Renovation Process Photos


Hallway Process Photos 

Hello My Lovies! I Hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! today's post is going to be a few photos of the process we have made in the hallway! We have come a long way from what the hallway was! and again the wall paper took the longest! I hope you enjoy the photos! 

Here is a before and after photo of the work we have done! we still have a few bits to do but it looks so much better already! so what have we done ? 

  • Changed the flooring 
  • Taken the wallpaper off 
  • Painted - Still need to do touch up and 1 more coat
  • Put a blind up 
  • We have a radiator! still need to cover pipes
  • Got a radiator cover
  • Got very cheap moveable carpet for entrance 
  • Put the Ring alarm up 
  • Changed the light switch 
  • Added a plug socket 

what we have left to do not say above 

  • Take carpet off on stairs 
  • Add runner 
  • Change Front Door 


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  1. Gostei bastante do artigo, muito bom mesmo! Estou amando ler seus artigos e compartilhar com os amigos!

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