Businesses I have been LOVING


Here are some small businesses that I have Been LOVING this month.

I hope you go and give them some love! they are amazing!

Wax Melts that smell amazing.......

So first business I have been loving is Alluring Aromas. I have been using this business for a while now I just love the wax melts they smell amazing!! she also does candles and other items. I have used the carpet fresh and oh my its amazing!!! I will link her website here and you can use my code number915 to get 15% off!!


This is the 2nd business I have been loving and I have brought 3 items from her! they are beautifully made and I just love the colours! Again I will link her website below...

The last businesses

The last business for this week is animal decor! they have so many amazing items on there website! I got myself a few of the art work and they are beautiful! so many to pick from and the work is amazing!


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