DIY Budget Hallway Renovation under £300 - How much did it cost?


How Much did our Budget Hallway Reno COST?

get! So I am going to just put all the cost into a document and post below everything we paid for on this hallway renovation. I hope you guys like this post and can see you don't need to spend loads to get things to look good. Now I no this is not everyone's taste however we love it and its so us and we believe it such shows our personality rather than coping trends.

Honestly can't believe this whole renovation cost under £300 we are so lucky!

Here are some after photos...

The Before and After photos here..

eat job! As you can see it wasn't the best however its not the worse I have seen. The carpet was a horrible green and the walls where horrible clip wallpaper! this took so long to take off!

The After Photos!

If you would like to see more before and after photos there will be a blog post already up with loads more information about what we did and why.


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