HomeMade Body Lotion Using Only FOUR ingredients


Home Made Body Lotion with only FOUR ingredient's

Here is a quick little blog post! on making my body lotion at home! This honestly didn't cost that much to make and I love it! it smells so good and it makes your skin feel amazing I love it! I am going to be using this from now on and not buying from the shops! so how did I do it... First of all this is not my own make I used google to get this however I just used whatever I wanted so I don't have any measurements just use whatever you feel good.

Here is the FOUR ingredients that you will need.

So the Coconut oil is a must and also the Beeswax however you can add whatever oils you wish and you don't need to add the pine. You want to get all your ingredients and melt into a bowl. Once everything has melted you can add your oil and Pine and then add this to a jar of your choice.

This stuff is amazing!..... How much did it COST?

This didn't actually cost that much at all!! The Beeswax was 99p the coconut oil was £2 and I have nearly the whole jar still, the essential oils was 99p and I only used a few drops and the Pine was free when foraging. So all in all This was around £1.50 for a jar and also two bars.

Here are the bars....

All you do with the bars is warm in your hands and them rub all over and the warms with melt the lotion into your skin.

Tell me what you think? do you like it? will you try? let me know


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