Living Room Renovation On A Budget (Before&After With Photos)


Our Living Room Renovation On A Budget

Our Living room was the first room of the house we renovation as we didn't need to do to much! so we thought! taken the wallpaper (woodchip wallpaper) took 8 hours!! however it was so good once we did it!

here are some before photos....

The next big step was the horrible fireplace! this also look all day and was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be! we found some
YouTube videos as they helped us so much taking this down!

Taking It Down...

This was so nice good when it finally came down! also loads of mess however this didn't take long to clear up, we covered the fireplace up and then brought one from for only £84. we love the fireplace we have and if I ever change my mind and want another one I can! because its not build in.

How the Living room renovation looked DURING the work:





ready. So we changed pretty much everything. The flooring we got from B&Q and we just love we also changed the skirting broads. We got a bookshelf and a new sofa! I love how this room turned out and It took us about a week to do everything! we took out everything from this room! even the carpets we just hated them! the only thing we didn't change was the coving but we did repaint them and make them look a little neater.

How the our Living Room looks AFTER our renovation…

e We are so happy with how everything turned out! I love my little book shelf and this room has so much storage! the sofa also turns into a bed and this is going to be so handy when people stay over! we love the fireplace and this makes the room so warm!

The Flooring...

The flooring we knew straight away when we saw it that it was just perfect! we got this from B&A and It wasn't to much! it was so easy to fit and with both of us doing it didn't take that long at all! the rug we had from our old place and we loved it so kept that.

Most of the decor is on a budget and is from Poundshop or Ikea the sofa bed was from Argos and the bookshelf from Ikea.

How much did we pay click here

Side By Side BEFORE & AFTER!

we are so happy with how everything turned out and I am so glad we did this on a budget! I wanted to have storage and we did this! I wanted a sofa bed and we found this lovely one! I wanted the bookshelf we got it and also not forgetting the fireplace this was so lovely in the winter with a hot coco!!


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