Our Kitchen Renovation (with Before + After pics)


I am so excited to finally be sharing this post with you! ever since we looked at this house I have dreamed of this kitchen and I can't believe its done! – and finally, IT'S HERE! This is my dream kitchen makeover and I am so excited to show you the finish kitchen!

It's honestly everything I could have ever wanted in a kitchen. The plants! the sink of my dreams! the worktop! the space!! we have so much space now!

How the space looked BEFORE we did the kitchen renovation:

I honestly can not believe the kitchen used to look like this! omg the floor was so bad! it turned out they had put 4 levels of flooring over tiles it look ages to get off!

This was the other side of the kitchen and we was so unsure what to do with this part for so long! we did have a table and chairs and we found it way to cramped! we knocked out the little cabinets and doors to the left! the door on the right was for the old water tank and when we had the heating/ boiler installed this room was free to use. we didn't want to knock it down as we liked it!

That’s the before and after side by side! its crazy right ?

what do you guys like most?

How the kitchen renovation looked DURING the work:

So this look a couple of days to do the main parts! My husband ripped the old kitchen out while I build the cabniets for the new kitchen this saved so much time! and it meant when he was finished ripping the kitchen out the new one was ready.

No going back now aye?... 





How the our kitchen looks AFTER our renovation…

Here is our lovely kitchen! and the best thing is the doors! we have had them wide open and its so nice!

The Kitchen doors and worktop

Our kitchen is mostly from B&Q as we found this was the cheapest place to go and its where we went for our last kitchen and we loved that! if you want to know the total cost there will be a price list up post up soon! but it was defo on a budget!

Most of the décor we actually got from the Poundshop and Ikea at such a great deal! We are trying our best to be plant mad and as eco friendly as possible! we are no way near where we want to be with being eco friendly but we are trying! and have a few things!

more photos anyone....

The Colours

We looked at so many Pinterest broads and Instagram posts of kitchen ideas and kitchen colours and the grey and white we found would fit best in this space, we also liked blue and white however we felt this might be to dark! the room is so open and light we just didn't want to make it any darker! we already painted the doors and windows grey and I felt dark cabinets would just make the whole space to dark for me! I love it on some kitchens but I feel this kitchen it fitted better for us. The worktop was going to be plain white until the day we ordered I notice this one from B&Q it was double the price however I just fell in love and I knew it was the one we had to go for.

Our Best Bits

We hope you like it as much as we do..


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