Maze Maze


The Maze Moon Kent 

Hello my beautiful people! How is everyone today? what have you been up to ? I hope everyone is having an amazing day! This Thursday was such an amazing day for me! I got to visit this amazing maze maze with some amazing girls from the wild wanders group! ( side note I will be posting some more about this group soon I promise) Anyways! I will link this place below as its so cool and I had an amazing day! You can book your pre ticket time slot online and then pay the rest on the day! The day was amazing! it took us 45 mintues to get round this maze! and we didn't even get lost its just a big maze! so defo worth it! I also got some amazing reels for instrgam and tiktok! as well as some great photos down below!  If you are looking for a day out this summer holiday I would defo recommend coming here! Its honestly magical! 

Anyways I will stop banging on about it and just give you the link..


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