C H E E R Y . P I G . P R . G I F T

C H E E R Y . P I G 

MY FIRST PR GIFT. Hello beautiful people! I am so excited to be sharing my first PR gift!!! When cheery pig reached out to me I was so excited and I couldn't wait to share with everyone! They have only recently launched there website and I am so happy for them! They have some amazing items on the website! I am so kindly gifted two items!! One with my dogs name and then one with mine! however I am defo ordering some more! The quality of the items are so well made and I loved the packaging! I have a full reel over on my Instagram so defo go check it out! I will link below all of Cheery Pigs socials!   WEBSITE HERE 

L A S T E S T. O N. Y O U T U B E



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