ECO Friendly Business Unboxing


EARTH SAFE I am so in love with this unboxing! The packaging is honestly out of this world!! you can recycle everything! and I love how it came! I did a full video on my YouTube and also a Reel! 

Item One 

Keep Calm Cloth Napkins - 100% Organic Cotton and Towelling Napkins

From the website.... Our handmade Keep Calm Cloth Napkins, are made of 100% Organic Jersey Cotton and Towelling Napkins by our amazing Portuguese seamstresses.

Using cloth napkins never was so trendy and easy.

Go paperless, be eco-conscious and save money!

Honstly am so please with this napkin! its super soft and i just love the patterns!

Item two

You See Drawstring Bag Organiser - 100% Eco Friendly Recycled Fabric


Our handmade Drawstring Bag Organiser called YOU SEE, made of 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Fabric is perfect to keep your favourite things organized without taking the extra space.

omg this bag!!! the fabric is beautiful! its so well made! I can't wait to us this! defo recommend.

If you would love to go give her some love her website is below. I also have a lovely discount code for everything use JADESALLY10 for a lovely 10% off

disclaimer - 1 item gifted.... 1 purchased all option's are my own.

Y O U T U B E . V I D E O


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  1. They look like such lovely well made products! thanks for sharing :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. They look like a really cool pieces!!!




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