L U S H . C H R I S T M A S . B A T H . B O M B

L U S H . C H R I S T M A S . B A T H . B O M B S

SO FEASTIVE!I am so exited to share this with you! I don't normally get lush bath bombs as I do find them expensive to have all the time however for a Christmas treat or occasions I do love to get them! I don't think I have ever had a Christmas bath bomb I normally get the robot for like £2.95 however this year I wanted to treat myself and get the ones I wanted to! I am so happy with the ones I picked!


Sleepy Bear This cute little sleepy bear was only £2.95 and I am so excited to try! it smells amazing! It has lavender at the top and omg! smells so good! 

Jingle Bells  This also is super cute! and I love the red bells at the tops! this was one a little more expensive at £4.95 however I wanted to treat myself and give it a try! It smells amazing! and I can't wait to use it Christmas day! 

L A S T E S T . O N . Y O U T U B E


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